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About Us

Communications Experts that Care About Our Rural Communities

Established in 1985, Goondiwindi Communications has been taking care of our local communities’ communications needs for over 30 years. We have always believed in two things, high quality equipment and a personal service.

Every product and service we provide is designed for the rigours of life on the farm. We don’t supply our customers with shoddy products that break as soon as you look at them. Everything we sell, from our farming GPS systems, radio and satellite communications, to our signal boosters and mobile phone repeaters are of the highest quality and manufactured by best brands around the world. We know they work, so that’s why we bring them to you.

At Goondiwindi Communications, we also know that our customer’s exact needs will always differ, whether it’s your budget or working conditions, every person who walks through our door needs something slightly different. This is why our advice is tailored to your situation and this means you get the product or service that suits you. Our customer service is second to none, come see for yourself.

Based in Goondiwindi, we can ship most of our products anywhere in Australia or worldwide. Our standard communications servicing range is within a 250 km radius from Goondiwindi, but we do cater for speciality services and setups Australia-wide. If you’re not sure if we can make it to you, simply contact us here, we’re happy to answer any of your questions.


You can visit Goondiwindi Communications at

28 Marshall Street




Meet the Team

Trent Murray – Manager / Technician

Trent has been in the Communications Industry for over 20 years. His knowledge of communications systems can provide you with all the answers you are seeking.

Gary Turner – Director / Technician

Gary has been in the Communications Industry for over three decades. His skill and expert knowledge will assure you a quality and reliable service that meets all your communication needs.

Brent Townsend - Technician

Brent is an extremely capable communications technician. He is your man for any/all installation needs, whether it is in-store, at home or on the farm. He has complete knowledge of the full suite of equipment sold and serviced by Goondiwindi Communications.

Dion Smith – Technician

Dion has worked in the agricultural industry specialising in control systems for most of his career. He has detailed knowledge ranging across most manufacturers’ equipment, which helps customers decide on the right equipment when transitioning to a newer/replacement product.